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BKD are dedicated to change forever the way business thinks about recovery audit. A traditional recovery audit is both costly and time consuming, not to mention disruptive to the client, and by its very nature inefficient, as recoveries tail off the audit will have to stop leaving residual errors unclaimed.

 your recoveries - your control

BKD are hugely experienced in traditional recovery audit, and know at first hand the impact to the client and cost implications, that is why we have developed a range of unique technology based solutions that will allow the client to speed up the recovery process, keep costs low and most importantly give them, for the first time, control of the process.

innovate - automate

 Overpayment recoveries

Duplicate and overpayments are a fact of life. By using our on-line recovery system AP4AP , BKD can provide you with the tools and the support needed to prevent 99.9% of duplicates from occurring.

 Continuous monitoring

Don't wait to recover duplicate and overpayments - our unique on-line solution will flag up potential problems BEFORE payment is made.


  VAT compliance

In addition to providing a comprehensive VAT compliance service we are able to provide our clients with Advisory services covering all aspects of VAT across both private and public sector. VAT is often seen as a necessary evil, and as such insufficient resource is allocated to ensure that optimal VAT solutions are applied. In our experience this makes it a fertile area for cost recovery and for effective planning.

 Contract compliance

We provide a total review service covering all significant agreements/contracts for the supply of goods and or services. We ensure that you pay only what you contracted to pay. In our experience overcharging against contract terms is commonplace across all business sectors, often compounded by the sheer complexity of supply agreements and by frequent organisation changes resulting in an inevitable lack of ownership of key long standing contracts.

 Statement audit

We carry out a detailed audit of all supplier statements to recover any unallocated cash or incorrect payments. In our experience even when Companies say they carry out regular statements audits, they in fact only look at the top 5% or top 50/100 suppliers. Rarely do we find a rigorous pro-active approach being taken, reliance being placed instead on the supplier to send in a regular statement.

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